AdrenalineHIT Small Group Training

Results Plus

Are you tired of doing the same old workouts week after week? Are you finding it hard to reach your goals? Upgrade your membership today to see and feel the difference with our Results Plus membership! 

Results Plus is built around small group, high intensity training sessions with a focus on functional training. Functional training works the body in the movements we use in everyday life improving speed, strength, power, balance, flexibility and agility. Functional training enables us to achieve better joint mobility and stability as well as decreasing the potential for injury during athletic endeavours.

Results Plus and Small Group Training Members will have access to our new Small Group Training Timetable including:

    • AdrenalineHIT - The ultimate combination of functional training and high intensity interval training delivered in an explosive 45 minute work out that will combine techniques experienced in the other group training sessions. this is your chance to challenge yourself and measure improvment.
  • Kettlebell30 –Kettlebell30 Sessions will get you working through a range of exercises that target all areas of your body while burning fat, building strength and increasing your cardiovascular fitness. Experience exercises with equipment that will set your core and overall strength on fire!
  • Strength45 - Push, Pull, Squat , Lift. Just a few of the movements you do on a daily basis. In the Strength 45 Class, you will learn these movements in a safe, efficient and effective way to build your strength, power and endurance! Challenge yourself and become better in whatever sport or everyday activity you do!
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